Cart washer

Efficient and hygienic: machine cart decontamination

Food, dishes, laundry, waste. Whatever you transport on your cart, you don't need to worry about how to thoroughly clean and disinfect it. Our cart washer will do that. It features a large wash chamber with a highly effective power wash-plus-normal wash system to hygienically and efficiently clean carts. A cart jack tilts the cart so the wash water can drain. We are able to offer front or through loader machines depending what is needed for your space.

Our cart washer has many qualities. Of course, one is the PLC control system, the brain of the machine, which ensures hygienically safe results from the cleaning process. Time, temperature, wash mechanism and chemical factors must all be precisely aligned. But small details like stainless steel wash and rinse nozzles also speak for high quality, and the same goes for our wearing parts.

MEIKO cart washers are often used in central kitchens. Carts are transferred from various locations to the central kitchen, where they are hygienically cleaned before being sent back to the area where they are used. Centralising in this way makes the best use of the cart washer, with just one machine using water and energy. That protects the environment and your bank account. Now, what if they were transferred using an electrically powered vehicle?

What is it that we want to offer our customers? Safety. And excellent, hygienic wash and disinfection results on their carts. This is what it all comes down to in hospitals and care homes. We provide this using a PLC system to control a chemical-thermal wash process with a water agitation system. There are several steps to the process: after loading, there is a decontamination phase, then rinsing, drying and unloading. The hygiene data is recorded by the control system.