Chemical products – the clean solution circle

Get every factor right in your wash, including the right cleaning agents

We want to achieve hygienic and sparkling clean washing results. That means we need to get the time, temperature, mechanism and cleaning agents right. This is a science in itself – and it is one that we have mastered, right down to the details. Not to mention that we take an even more holistic view. For us, this includes planning an efficient dishwashing area with the right technology, training your staff and providing a level of service that protects your investment. All precisely tailored to your needs.

At MEIKO, we know the warewashing process inside out. And that goes for our cleaning agents, too. We make high demands of them and with good reason – after all, it is a central factor in determining efficiency, hygiene safety and environmental credentials, as well as the lifespan of your warewashing technology. Quality is needed – and you can depend on the quality of MEIKO cleaning agents.

Highly concentrated, powerful cleaning agents and maximum environmental compatibility are not mutually exclusive. Our Eco range of cleaning agents is the proof. These products bring together the best of both without making compromises. It is possible to be gentle on the environment while achieving hygiene and shine – even with tough stains and residues.

Dishes, glasses, cutlery and more – hygiene safety is the top priority for your customers. That has always been the case but these days, awareness is higher than ever. This is where the right cleaning agents come into play, with highly effective active ingredients so they can play their central role in achieving hygiene safety. Luckily, you don't even have to think about this: you look after your business and we will look after its hygiene.