M-iQ Cup - the cup washing machine

Washing and drying thousands of cups per hour

At large events, huge quantities of plastic cups have to be washed, dried and packed away in short time frames. The M-iQ Cup features a unique drying concept and can wash 8,000 cups per hour, all up to DIN standards. Hygienically safe. The residual moisture in the cups is 0%, meaning they can be packed away and stored immediately. Our expertise gives you a safe process for reusable cups.

The transport system on the M-iQ Cup is a real gem. The belt features a special device for transporting cups, with no need for a particular design of cup or notches on the base. 
We are the cup-cleaning experts. As early as the 2006 Football World Cup, a MEIKO machine washed 1.5 million cups. 

The machine is made sustainably and it washes resource efficiently, too. All in one wash cycle. One feature of the technology is especially noteworthy in terms of sustainability: the M-iQ AirConcept. This air channeling technology sends the air from the hot clean side to the cool feeding zone, using the valuable heat for the washing process. This reduces energy consumption. Good for the planet, good for the future.

After cleaning in the M-iQ Cup, comes drying. The particularities of the material make plastic cups a real challenge to dry well But using the optimum combination of various drying modules and a vibration drying system, cups emerge completely dry, as well as 100% clean to DIN standards. Residual moisture of 0% means that they can be stored away immediately – and it prevents mould formation.