M-iQ flight type dishwashing machines

No compromise on cleanliness, efficiency or sustainability

M-iQ flight type dishwashing machines provide the perfect balance. Four outstanding MEIKO innovations play the key roles in achieving this: intelligent air management, perfect filtration, a strong energy concept and optimum ease of use thanks to our CC ­glass display. This keeps valuable heat energy in the warewashing process; removes the need for a direct exhaust air connection; reduces consumption of energy, water and chemical products; significantly improves the indoor climate; and makes the system easier to use.

M-iQ flight type dishwashing machines come equipped with all kinds of special features. On the outside, the quality is clear in the standard of craftsmanship, avoiding sharp edges and areas where dirt could accumulate. On the inside, it is all about clever solutions combined with high-quality materials. For example, our engineers have improved the dynamics of the wash cycle – increasing washing performance by 30%. At the core is a self-emptying stainless steel wash pump – and it is powerful.

ANSWER: 22,800 hours.

The result is a milestone in the story of MEIKO innovations: 22,800 hours invested in sustainability: ingenious features reduce water consumption by 41% (1), energy consumption by 33% (2) and operating costs by 32% (2). High levels of stainless steel make these machines 90% recyclable.  
(1) as compared to previous model
(2) depending on model and the cost of water and energy

 The highly effective hygiene features on M-iQ dishwashing machines will make any hygienist happy: 150 mm floor clearance so the floor under the machine and be cleaned. A glass display that is easy to clean and helps to prevent indirect microbe transmission, temperature displays that make it easy to keep an eye on the temperature, an entry rinse system with a wash-off box and rinsing at intervals, a self-cleaning programme, door washing or the blue operating concept that shows employees exactly what needs to be cleaned manually.