MEIKO Connect

Improving monitoring and safety

The MEIKO Connect App makes it easier to monitor your professional kitchen. If you would like to be able to call up consumption information for your dishwashing machine or view and document its hygiene status, simply download the app. Here, you can see all of this information at a glance – including maintenance management, and error and information alerts. All you need is a Bluetooth connection – no Internet connection or LAN/WiFi infrastructure required.

The focus of the MEIKO Connect app is on ease of use. We want to ease our customers' workloads, saving them time and money. Providing a direct Bluetooth connection to the machine is the way to do this. The app runs on all standard Windows and Android devices, and it is available in several languages. Simply go to the Google Play Store or HUAWEI App Gallery to download it, or get the windows version from our website.

All dishwashing machines in the M-iClean, M-iQ and UPster K ranges are Bluetooth enabled in order to link to the MEIKO Connect app. This is true whether they have already been in use for years or have not yet left the factory. This is how we concentrate our resources to get the biggest possible benefit for our customers.

Digital communications safeguard hygiene in professional kitchens. MEIKO Connect provides a smart cockpit for your dishwashing machine, giving you a comprehensive view of the data: what is the hygiene status of my dishwashing machine? The MEIKO Connect app provides full documentation and maintains log books in line with DIN specification 10534. All of this can be exported and archived using the app.