UPster® K rack type dishwashing machine

A quick way into our world of cleanliness: a minimum of space required, a maximum of cleaning capacity and optimum value for money

A minimum of space required, a maximum of cleaning capacity and optimum value for money: the UPster® K provides that assistance you have been looking for in the dishwashing area: clean technology, precisely calculated and quickly delivered. The modular construction can adapt to fit any room. Our blue operating concept provides intuitive operator guidance and a generous passing height ensures a maximum volume, making room for bulky washware. Wash performance is high, too, so everything gets a proper clean. And the indoor climate in the dishwashing area remains pleasant.

One takes off and flies from continent to continent at 900 km/h at an altitude of approx. 10,000 m. The other stays on the ground and does the washing up in top hotels, commercial kitchens and canteens all over the world – at up to 210 racks per hour. 

The secret of what they have in common is hiding in some unassuming-looking self-adhesive silicone foam. It is a sealing tape with properties that make it suitable for use in the aerospace industry: it is temperature and weather resistant, versatile and highly resilient.

Did you know that the average UPster® K dishwashing machine keeps going for 12 years or more?
Despite the fact that they work at high capacity and almost around the clock. In this machine, we use stainless steel wherever possible. That includes for the dosing pipes and the wash and rinse arms. This gives the machine the best chance of lasting.
It also makes it 90% recyclable. We think that's pretty sustainable, don't you?

The sturdy glass display has a smooth surface and can be cleaned to hygienically safe levels. This is particularly good for helping to avoid indirect transmission of microbes. We have deliberately avoided buttons and grooves. The status display provides information and clear error alerts. It also shows statistics such as wash temperatures in different zones. Keeping an eye on temperature as a key parameter for hygiene is especially important when heat-sensitive viruses like SARS-CoV-2 are around.

UPster® K Models