WasteStar FC

The best place to collect food waste is where it's produced

The convenient disposal of organic kitchen waste

WasteStar FC is a fully automatic system for commercial kitchens that disposes of organic waste exactly where it is created - directly at the workplace. This makes WasteStar FC economical, easy on the environment and resources, and above all unbelievably convenient.


Just forget all about waste.

This is a familiar story from your own kitchen: food leftovers, cooking waste, peel and vegetable trimmings always have to be laboriously collected in bulky wheeled bins, stored temporarily and then brought by an employee to the disposal zone. This takes up valuable time and space, causes disagreeable odours and noise, and generally gets in the way, especially at peak times. Now we have dreamed up a system that will free you from all these worries. WasteStar FC from MEIKO picks up food leftovers exactly where they originate - for example, directly at the sorting belt. And that's not all! Because WasteStar FC also takes care of the transport of organic wastes for you in the disposal zone. Fully automatic and without further physical intervention.

If you are thinking about optimised, hygienic processes in food waste management, then you must be thinking of the WasteStar FC. It fits like a glove with existing warewashing technology, offering both hygiene and efficiency. Food waste is pumped away automatically at the push of a button – into a closed system for collecting, transporting and storing organic waste. That means: no hygiene shortcomings, no microbial or bacterial pollution and a solution that works across rooms.

Answer: this quantity of organic waste can supply electricity to 100 households of 4.

Investing in quality delivers good returns. Our automated food waste disposal technology with vacuum system is a way for you to benefit from our many years of experience, numerous patents and uncompromising drive to create innovative kitchen concepts. We can provide custom solutions to meet your onsite requirements or you can choose from our range plus additional modules for even more functionality