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Water wave

Visit our Media Center to get a one-stop overview of all of our content. This way, you can simply click to access the information you need. You will find plenty of MEIKO videos here, as well as exclusive talks – including all talks that have previously been held in the Experience Zone. After any video or conference, you will receive a password which allows you to access the material here in future. Or, you can receive a password simply by registering on this page. Just fill in the form and you're sorted – you can get started!

We are MEIKO – The source of cleanliness

Sparkling clean glasses and cutlery. Shining plates and cups. Food waste transformed into clean bioenergy. Hygienically clean bedpans and BA masks. Minimum water and energy consumption. Maximum enthusiasm. That's the MEIKO experience.

How to?

Water treatment

What are the different types?


How do I get glasses clean?

Water softening

How does it work?

Dishwasher type

Which dishwasher suits me best?

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the optimization of environments according to their users needs. Find out here why an ergonomic workplace makes sense and saves costs.

Commercial Dishwashers


The future of dishwashing

M-iClean U

The beauty of cleaning

M-iClean H

Progress in washing, which couldn't be cleaner

M-iClean HXL

Even more space for cleanliness and ergonomics!

Cleaning and disinfection technology


A bedpan washer-disinfector at the top of its class

Hygienic utility sink

Now it is possible to run your soiled utility rooms more hygienically and economically

TopClean M

Fast, hygienic and reliable – cleaning SCBA full-face masks.

Bedpan washer-disinfector with automatic door opening

MEIKO cleaning and disinfection appliances are used to clean bedpans, urine bottles and other care utensils, disinfect them with steam and prepare them in a hygienically safe manner - if operated correctly. In this videos, we will show you how to do this!