BioMaster® – closed food waste treatment system

A hygienic and sustainable way to manage food waste.

The MEIKO GREEN pump system removes the need for the usual organic waste bins while keeping everything up to HACCP standards. Our concept: a closed system to sustainably and ergonomically collect leftovers and organic kitchen waste. After just 50 to 80 seconds, your organic waste is gone from the kitchen. Every system features a storage tank tailored to the customer's needs. This is where the valuable biomass is stored, hygienically, odour free and with no need to chill it. Trade in your waste bins for a sustainable commodity used in biogas plants.

With the MEIKO GREEN pump system, there is simply no organic waste in the kitchen’ (Martin Töpfer, head chef, Scandic). That also means no odours or hygiene issues. To get all of this to work, the first step is on site analysis – because no two kitchens are alike. This way, collection, transport and storage are all tailored. That means better hygiene, no cross contamination from waste containers and odour-free storage without the need to chill it.

Cooking always causes leftovers and organic kitchen waste. These are valuable commodities thanks to the MEIKO GREEN Loop. What was once food waste is turned into homogenous biomass – perfectly prepared for further processing at biogas plants. This clever storage means fewer waste disposal journeys – and that pays. Plus: once homogenised, the biomass can produce up to 20% more renewable energy. Everyone wins.

Material, workmanship, reliability – there are several aspects to quality. MEIKO GREEN brings together years of experience, tailored solutions and the highest quality expectations. Our innovative, patented solutions for optimised food waste management all adapt to the needs of your particular kitchen. And that goes for the accessories, too: pre-grinders, centrifugal pumps, automatic tank interior cleaning systems, etc. – all tailored right down to the details.