It's all about the chemistry

Proper selection and dosing are vital

Delicate wine glasses, plastic dishware or aluminium cutlery? Washing simply will not work if the correct chemical product is not selected and dosed properly. And nobody wants tough residues or obtrusive discolorations on their dishes. MEIKO ACTIVE delivers the ideal balance between perfect shine and operating costs. We also offer a full-service package including technology, service, training and hygiene data monitoring. 

Sparkling glasses and impeccable hygiene safety – just add the right food and everything is set for an evening in your favourite restaurant. The chemistry is perfect in the dining area because the chemistry is perfect in the dishwashing machine, too. You see, selecting the right cleaning agents and dosing them correctly is decisive for shine, hygiene and even operating costs. Don't compromise. Go straight to MEIKO.

Persistent discolorations, dried-on leftovers and tough residues – you need powerful active ingredients. And that is no problem with our cleaning agents. But let's not forget: sustainability is a priority for us, too. Uncompromising hygiene and a sparkling shine can still be achieved while taking care of our environment. Our Eco range is the proof, bringing all of these aspects together in perfect harmony.

Nothing gets as close to your customers as their glasses, cutlery and dishes. Everything comes down to hygiene safety – now more than ever. This is no problem with the highly effective active ingredients in our cleaning agents, which we match to your warewashing technology and local water quality. You can turn your attention to your customers knowing that we've got your back when it comes to hygiene.