The DV 270.2 utensil washer

A high-powered all-rounder

Dirty pots, crusted pans – who's going to wash it all? Our DV 270.2 utensil washer is! The 650 mm passing height provides space in the wash chamber for kitchen utensils, gastronorm containers, trays and baking trays. The reversing wash arms combine with the rotating arm rinse aid system to deliver a high-powered wash covering 100% of the wash chamber. Even tough dirt doesn't stand a chance. A heat recovery system saves energy and reduces steam emissions.

Let's take a look at the rack in this machine. It is made from 100% stainless steel and measures 1,310 mm by 690 mm. That is plenty of space for the washware. The guide rollers can easily carry even a heavy, densely packed rack into the machine. Further quality characteristics include: the automatic hood system, stainless steel wash and rinse arms, stainless steel dosing pipes and our double-walled, insulated hood.

The AktivPlus wash water filter system on the DV 270.2 is different: it filters the tank water several times. Large particles contaminating the wash water are filtered out. That keeps the tank water clean for longer and it can be used several times. It is a truly clever way to conserve water.

Where large items are washed regularly, the water will get dirty. The DV 270.2 features a programme which allows the user to change the water at the push of a button. The wash can then continue immediately with fresh water – simply and automatically, ensuring excellent, hygienically safe washing results. Then, at the end of the day, start the self-cleaning programme to achieve uncompromising hygiene safety inside the machine.