The M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine

This is how to wash dishes these days: ergonomically, using smart technology and highly efficiently

Many factors determine comfort when dishwashing: the M-iClean H and HXL hood type dishwashing machines feature automatic hood systems, rack detection and optimised ergonomics to protect your employees' health. The AirConcept heat recovery system noticeably improves indoor climate in the dishwashing area – with up 80% lower steam emissions, while also reducing energy usage by up to 18%. The signal concept facilitates human-machine communication. And the clever drying table dries the washware more quickly.

The automatic hood system was opened and closed 1.2 million times before it went into mass production. The aim was to create a feature to improve ergonomics and workplace comfort for staff in the dishwashing area. But it also has to work – every single day of the year. And it does work. That's what we call ‘quality made by MEIKO.

What sustainability consideration is more important than human health? We make technologies that help people. The ergonomics of the M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine and HXL double rack dishwashing machine are particularly good at protecting joint health. No strains, no twisting and no need to lift 14 kg to open or close the hood. The result: fewer sick days, reduced costs and happy employees.

The drying table produces quick drying results, contributing towards good hygiene. Even the final bits of residual moisture quickly dry off and the glasses, dishes or plastic cups can be put away. Nothing is dried by hand so nothing is recontaminated by the tea towel. Automatic rack detection means contact-free operation, helping to avoid infection by indirect contact.