The M-iClean U undercounter dishwashing machine

Colour coding leads the way to quick, dry washing results.

Our space-saving M-iClean U undercounter dishwashing machine has everything our customers want. Thanks to intuitive operator guidance, it is child's play to use. The door handle uses colours to indicate whether the machine is currently at work, is experiencing a problem or has finished. The ComfortAir heat recovery system improves indoor climate as hardly any vapour escapes. The GiO reverse osmosis module makes labour-intensive polishing a thing of the past, preventing recontamination from tea towels.

The prerequisites for a long service life: robust technology and premium materials. That is why it is vital to use stainless steel, even for the wash and rinse arms and the dosing pipes. This reduces down time and costs.

Answer: 16 bottles.

Because: the M-iClean U can wash bottles, too. We are going sustainable with options for washing reusable dishware. Our bottle rack has space for several bottles in all common shapes and sizes. Simply fit the bottle washing system in the machine using the adapter and you are ready to go!

Are you familiar with the special hygiene features on the M-iClean U? AktivPlus wash water filter: for clean wash water. GiO MODULE: no polishing, no recontamination from tea towels. AirConcept minimises steam emission. Our blue operating concept indicates which components are to be cleaned. A door retainer keeps the door open after washing to prevent mould. Expert opinion confirms that our cleaning process is effective against SARS-CoV-2 viruses.

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