The UPster® U undercounter dishwashing machine

Everything you need: a chic design, durable technology and low operating costs

 A feature piece for your counter: the UPster® U undercounter dishwashing machine offers optimum washing performance. The AktivPlus filter system filters out larger dirt particles, keeping the wash water clean and hygienic even though only 2.6 l of fresh water are needed per wash cycle. The blue operating concept and intuitive operator guidance are here to help. Using stainless steel makes the machine robust and durable, requiring fewer service call outs.

The stainless steel used in our UPster® U makes it robust and the rear wall cladding protects the machine components. The stainless steel wash arms, rinse aid arms and dosing pipes are also robust. The machine stays quiet and cool thanks to its double-walled structure. The deep-drawn wash chamber with built-in rack guide rails makes it easy to push the rack into the chamber. That's what we call ‘quality made by MEIKO’!

Did you know that the average MEIKO dishwashing machine works for 12 years?
The UPster® U is no exception: it is built with all of the prerequisites for a long machine life. And it is 90% recyclable. 
Just 11 l are needed to fill the wash tank. The AktivPlus wash water filter system helps, too, as each wash cycles requires only 2.6 l of fresh water. Good for the planet.

The digital temperature display shows the wash and rinse temperatures, providing constant temperature monitoring. The wash and rinse systems at the top and bottom of the machine ensure that every nook and cranny is cleaned. The incline in the wash chamber prevents any drips from falling onto clean washware.