MEIKO Doyen cleaning chemicals

Turning ‘safe’ into ‘even safer’

Would you like to be on the safe side? We recommend the Doyen range of medical products. They contain powerful active ingredients to ensure hygiene safety while protecting the materials in the appliance and minimising environmental impact. They can even reduce your operating costs, as the chemical products and technology are perfectly paired. 

Ointment and limescale residues, pathogens, different washware materials... Cleaning chemicals have to meet all sorts of demands and, of course, hygiene safety always comes first. But materials, technology and the environment still need to be protected. So it's a good thing that we can use our decades of experience and highly effective, cutting-edge detergents to help.

Care utensils must always be free of marks and perfectly hygienic – that is the first rule. But sustainability cannot be ignored. That means environmentally friendly detergents and perfectly pairing our chemicals with the technology. This way, your appliances will still be reliably doing their job after many years, having avoided issues like limescale buildup on the steam generator. And your care utensils will also be protected in the long term.

Hygiene safety is the be-all and end-all when it comes to care utensils. There can be no compromise here. Helpfully, hygiene is our bread and butter. That means that you are on the safe side as soon as your care utensils emerge from a MEIKO cleaning and disinfection appliance. Our chemical products make sure of that – and users have trusted them for decades. They are gentle on materials and tailored to suit the unique needs of your site.