TopClean 60 multiwasher

This multiwasher reliably fulfils hygiene requirements, as well as contributing to safety at work and economic efficiency

We present the TopClean 60: truly versatile and able to clean and disinfect almost anything on the ward: kidney dishes, wash bowls, vases, trays and even children's toys, such as plastic building blocks. This gives care staff more time to spend with their patients. Disinfect at A0 value 60 for optimum hygiene or, in the case of heat-sensitive items like surgical clogs, use a special chemical-thermal disinfection setting.

MEIKO appliances are always made using high quality materials and high quality ideas. The GiO MODULE is a great example of this. It is a reverse osmosis system that achieves water purity of approx. 98%, almost completely demineralising and sterilising the water. All germs larger than 0.0001 micrometres are filtered out. For you, that means first class cleaning results, improved appliance safety and savings on detergent and rinse aid.

MEIKO fine filter technology for wash water delivers unparalleled wash water purity. But how? Our system filters the tank water several times and actively removes dirt with cyclical fine filter backwashing. 
This means that larger dirt particles are actively filtered out and the chemicals do not have to ‘break them down’ first. Consequently, the chemicals can be dosed at lower levels and the wash water remains clean for longer, with overall better hygiene. 

So, what does this offer? Once the programme has started, the cleaning and disinfection process cannot be interrupted and the wash chamber cannot be opened. This means that operation cannot be interrupted by users or power cuts. Disinfection is a closed, certified, safe process with no risk of injury to care staff, thereby contributing to excellent protection at work.