MEIKO TopLine 20

For touchless, seamless, effortless operation

Selecting, confirming and starting the right programme? Now the MEIKO TopLine can do all that itself, if equipped with load detection. Hands full when you want to open the wash chamber door? No problem! It's all touchless if you choose our automatic door opening and closing system. Short on time between patients? With the MEIKO TopLine, you can see from a distance whether the care utensils are ready to be unloaded.

The MEIKO TopLine is more than just an update on the technology in the previous model. It has been almost fully redesigned with innovative features for user safety and convenience. It is the first washer-disinfector with a built-in assistant to aid care staff and in-house technicians wherever possible in their day-to-day work. That makes their work a bit easier, more pleasant, more efficient and even safer. That is all part of the MEIKO quality promise.

MEIKO appliances are always made from high quality ideas. Here's an example: the automatic door opening and closing option requires just a press of the (optional) foot switch or wave to activate the hand sensor and the appliance door will open or shut on its own. Perfect if your hands are full! Not to mention the ergonomic benefits and improved safety at work due to a reduced risk of contamination.

The wash chamber features a telescopic rotary jet, wash nozzles and a wash arm for efficient care utensil cleaning. Interior lighting helps with handling care utensils and checking the wash results – even on the night shift. The system asks whether the care utensils are clean after every cleaning and disinfection cycle (can be adjusted) and the results are documented. If the answer is ‘no’ on several occasions, the in-house technical team will receive an automatic notification.