MEIKO TopLine 30 WC

The stand-alone solution for patients' ensuite bathrooms

The MEIKO TopLine reduces the risk of pathogen transmission to an absolute minimum: installing it in patients' ensuite bathrooms or isolation rooms shortens routes for care staff. Optional load detection and automatic door systems remove contact points for touchless operation: the MEIKO TopLine opens and closes its own door and selects the right programme – it really runs the show.


We listened to people who work in the field to help build a picture of the whole cleaning and organisation process, including critical points. We then focused in on them to drive our innovations: load detection (optional) selects the correct programme for the care utensils loaded and starts the cycle automatically. When anything on the appliance or the display lights up in blue, that means that it is ‘ready for operation’ so it can be used or selected. A green light means ‘in operation’ and red, ‘important message.

MEIKO appliances are built to minimise consumption of water, energy and chemical products while also delivering reliable cleaning results. The MEIKO TopLine range features an extendable telescopic rotary jet in the wash chamber, perfectly positioned wash nozzles and a wash arm for efficient care utensil cleaning inside and out – down to every last nook and cranny.

Hygiene requirements are becoming ever stricter. Where will that trajectory take us? With MEIKO TopLine appliances, you don't need to worry about that. We have already thought of it. The A0 value is adjustable up to 12,000 in line with DIN EN ISO 15883. That makes us ahead of our time and ready for the future!